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Senior Living Resident Publishes a Book about Living Life to the Fullest


Concordia Life Care Community resident, Dr. Tom Barnard
at his recent book signing for his devotional book, "Don’t Die Above the Ears"

OKLAHOMA CITY--Concordia Life Care Community, a non-profit Lutheran senior living community based in Oklahoma City, hosted a book signing for a resident. Resident Dr. Tom Barnard. Barnard recently published a devotional book entitled Don’t Die Above the Ears about staying vivacious, sharp and faithful, no matter your age. 

“Tom is a great example of what it means to live a vibrant, faithful life,” said Concordia Executive Director, Danny Eischen. “We were pleased to host his book signing and always work to encourage Tom, and our other residents to continue pursuing their passions and using their talents.”   

As a member of America’s greatest generation, Barnard believes that no matter how old you are, pursuing your passion is worthy work. Before retiring, Barnard was a college teacher, administrator and minister. He holds degrees from several public and private universities, and in 1989 he participated in post-doctoral work at Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management. Tom remains engaged and active with followers on social media where he posts daily prayers and newsletters to his followers and friends. 

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Concordia Life Care Community, has a resident who’s recently published a faith-based devotional book. Dr. Tom Barnard’s devotional book is called Don’t Die Above the Ears and is about staying vivacious, sharp, and faithful, no matter your age. As a member of America’s greatest generation, Dr. Barnard believes that no matter how old you are, pursuing your passion is worthy work.


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