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Update on Karla Carter

Continued prayers for Karla and Pastor Carter please!


We invite our Christian family and friends to join us in thanksgiving that Karla's blood counts are rising and that her stem cells are engrafting. This means she will begin to regain strength and feel better overall. We ask your continued prayers for relief from the pain in her lower back and hip that is caused by myeloma lesions. She will remain in the hospital yet for an unknown period of time. Most of all, thanks be to God and thank you for your prayers.

Rev. Mark Carter

Rev. Scott Burmeister
Pastor Christ the Redeemer Lutheran
Mission Executive Oklahoma District LCMS


►2019-8-18 UPDATE ON KARLA CARTER: On Aug 15, Karla began the stem cell transplant with a single very strong chemotherapy. She received the stem cell infusion likely begin today leaving Karla very weak, fatigued, nauseated and extremely vulnerable to infection. She will feel worse each day for several days. The hoped-for result is that the infused healthy stem cells will show signs of engrafting somewhere around day 11 after the transplant. At that point, she should begin to feel better and regain her strength, resistance to infection. The process is amazing but not easy, so we ask your continued prayers for strength and ultimate remission from the disease of myeloma. We trust in God’s good will for her and give thanks for the many blessings already manifested. 

We thank you, our friends and family, for your prayers and words of support. While I am sometimes slow to respond to your individual comments, please know that we read and cherish your words of encouragement and commitment to pray. I will post again once engrafting starts. ---Rev. Mark Carter"

Rev. Scott Burmeister
Pastor Christ the Redeemer Lutheran
Mission Executive Oklahoma District LCMS



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