October 26, 2018
Oklahoma District Churches and Schools
Pastors, Teachers, Church Workers, and Secretaries:

I am continuing the task of reactivating Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ (OAFC) in
the Oklahoma District, and I still need your help. The sending of two letters via
email and some conversations with church workers has yielded a couple of people
willing to assist in creating a leadership team and a couple of people willing to
participate when OAFC is reactivated.

I thank God for what has been accomplished, but I am still seeking adults and older
teens (16-19 years old) who are willing and able to be part of the OK District OAFC
leadership team. Truthfully, I am seeking willing adult leaders more than youth
because I believe the youth will come forward once we have a pastoral advisor (I can do that) and two to four adults who will take a role in reestablishing an active OK District OAFC Evangelism Traveling Team.

So, if you know someone who loves the Lord and is interested in being part of the
OK District OAFC leadership team, please call me at 405-495-1605. Thank you for
your help in locating the above leaders and please call if you have any comments,
questions, or require more information.
Just a reminder, an active OAFC Traveling Team will conduct and participate in traditional weekend activities like training, canvasing and sharing the gospel (using OAFC material), and participating in celebration and/or Sunday worship (when and where scheduled).

God’s blessing as you serve,
Rev. Dwayne Schroeder
OK District Evangelism Executive
Bethany, OK  73008

                                               WHAT IS OAFC?

OAFC is an LCMS organization, dedicated to training youth to share the gospel and to reach out into communities around Lutheran churches.  Summer Training is an opportunity for 45-60 youth and adults from around the country to gather, be encouraged, and to obtain special training.  The training will involve many hands-on workshops and will focus on how youth and adults can grow confident in sharing their faith.